Frequently Asked Questions

Music On Hold And Music Licensing
Not legal:

  • Playing the radio on hold
  • Playing a CD on hold
  • Playing a song from iTunes on hold


  • Music created and licensed for being on hold Without going into all the messy details, the simple fact is – playing copyrighted music on hold is not legal, and could cost your business lots of cash. We often tell our customers that the chance you will be caught is very small, but if you are – you may face a lawsuit. Staying legal is easy. Do it right!
  • Nothing But “Music” On Hold? A- If you want nothing but music on hold (no speaking) – that’s fine. Our players come with legal music. But why not say something? Did you spend lots of money on a website? Why not TELL people it exists with an on hold message? And don’t say “thank you for holding, your call is very important to us.” Better to have only music than to say those dreaded words on hold.
  • Is your equipment digital? A- Yes – that means there are no moving parts, so there is nothing to wear out. Our on hold player will typically outlast many CD players or MP3 players. By the way, our player is guaranteed for a full year from date of purchase.
  • What kind of audio file does the on hold unit play? A- Our unit plays a standard mono MP3 file
  • How do I connect the player to my business telephone system? A- Please review our Installation Instructions page. If you do not have a business telephone system, we can give you some advice. Contact us.
  • Why would I use your on hold unit and personalized recording? I have a local company offering to sign me up to a “program” for on hold messaging. A- You’ll also notice that the “program” will likely cost you between $50 and $100 monthly – forever. It’s a great deal – for them. Our on hold player is a one-time charge of $79.99, which includes a free personalized recording.
  • We have lots of desk phones in our business. Will your on hold player still work? A- Yes. Just so you have a business telephone system – then it doesn’t matter how many phones you have on desks. If you do not have a business telephone system – perhaps you just bought a few phones at the office supply store and plugged them into the wall like you do at home – contact us for advice.
  • How difficult is it to change recordings? A- Very easy. The on hold player uses a standard mono MP3 file. The player stores the MP3 on a microSD card (like you may have in your cell phone). We provide a microSD card reader with the player. Plug it in your PC, change the MP3, plug the card back into the player. Done.
  • Do you require contracts with monthly payments? A- Never. You own the player and recording you purchase from us.